Aqua Nyoni 

Irrigation supplies

Aqua Nyoni Supplies a wide range of irrigation products.

To view the different products that we are able to supply please visit our supplies pages that are linked below. Once you have found the product you need a quote on take down the name or order number and submit it here to get an accurate quote.

PIPES – Click desciption to view product range

Valves – Click description to view product range

Ball Valves, Gate Valves, Check Valves, Bibtaps, Float Valves

Sprinkler – Click description to view product range

Pumps – Click description to view product range

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Contact us

Aqua Nyoni

Address: 9 – 5th Street Empangeni

Phone: 035 787 1949

Fax: 035 787 0226

Email: [email protected]